Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Through its values, Ablemans LCS Oy is committed to responsible business. Our goal is to secure profitable business by operating ethically and responsibly in all business practices.

We do our best to ensure that all our employees as well as subcontractors, suppliers and other business partners shall take care of their duties as employers, contractors, environmental influencers, and societal operators by complying with similar principles as Ablemans LCS Oy. Therefore, we require that all our subcontractors, suppliers and other business partners comply with the following principles and norms of responsible business adopted by Ablemans LCS Oy.

Compliance with laws

All operations are strictly carried out in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as common practices.

Documents prepared for authorities, clients or other stakeholders contain accurate information and thus give a correct and truthful image of the company’s operations.

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery

Corruption, bribery and unfair anti-competitive practices distort the market and hinder economic, social and democratic development. Ablemans LCS Oy does not tolerate such actions and acts against all forms of corruption including extortion and bribery.

Conflicts of interest

Ablemans LCS Oy expects full loyalty from its employees. Employees must avoid situations where their personal interests may conflict with those of Ablemans LCS Oy. This means, for instance, that employees are not allowed to accept gifts from a stakeholder, except for a gift of a minor value given on an occasional basis, providing it does not create a conflict of interest situation.

Compliance with human rights

Ablemans LCS Oy respects and supports the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and always takes these rights into consideration throughout its operations. Ablemans LCS Oy assures that it does not take part in any form of human rights violations.

Fair employment practices

Throughout its operations Ablemans LCS Oy promotes equality. The basic principles of Ablemans LCS Oy include respect of individual, promotion of equality and justice. Ablemans LCS Oy follows a policy where no one shall be discriminated on the basis of their age, race, skin colour or ethnic, national or social origin or sex, sexual orientation, religion, disablement, pregnancy, marital status, language, political or other opinion, political or occupational activity or other similar reason. Ablemans LCS Oy is committed to treat all employees and applicants equally and equitably. Ablemans LCS Oy supports the elimination of discrimination within the labour market and professional activities.

Ablemans LCS Oy not tolerate any form of verbal or physical bullying, harassing or discrimination at work. Ablemans LCS Oy is committed to comply with all applicable laws in all its activities, including but not limited to those relating to privacy, equality, occupational safety and elimination of discrimination in employment.

Employment Relationship

Employers shall adopt and adhere to rules and conditions of employment that respect workers and, at a minimum, safeguard their rights under national and international labor and social security laws and regulations.

Forced Labor

There shall be no use of forced labor, including prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or other forms of forced labor.

Child Labor

No person shall be employed under the age of 15 or under the age for completion of compulsory education, whichever is higher.

Occupational safety and health

Throughout its operations Ablemans LCS Oy adheres the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work given by the International Labour Organization (ILO). 

Ablemans LCS Oy does not approve child labour or forced labour. Therefore, Ablemans LCS Oy promotes the effective elimination of all forms of child labor and forced labor. Ablemans LCS Oy complies with statutory maximum work hours and all other employment-related standards, such as minimum wages and overtime compensations.

Ablemans LCS Oy promotes freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

Everyone has a right to work in a safe environment. Ablemans LCS Oy strives to change and influence the company’s internal attitudes and occupational safety culture and to motivate its employees to continuously improve their safety and working conditions. Ablemans LCS Oy guarantees the safest and most healthy working environment in its industry as possible and constantly strives to prevent accidents and injuries at work

Ablemans LCS Oy does not tolerate any form of violence at work including emotional and physical abuse and threatening.


In all of its operations, Ablemans LCS Oy complies with the nationally and internationally recognized environmental laws, principles and practices. Ablemans LCS Oy continuously evaluates and asses the environmental impacts of its business and strives to manage them in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement, as well as to reduce the environmental damages caused by its business operations.  Ablemans LCS Oy encourages the development of environmentally friendly technologies and protects and promotes clean, safe and healthy environment.

Relationship with authorities and local communities

Ablemans LCS Oy maintains constructive co-operation with authorities and regulatory bodies, at both local and international levels. Ablemans LCS Oy seeks to play a role in serving the needs of the local communities whenever possible.

Accuracy of accounting records

Ablemans LCS Oy’s accounting records shall be accurate and reliable in all material respects. Unrecorded funds are prohibited. The records cannot contain any false, misleading, or artificial entries.

Competition and fair dealing

Competition laws aim to protect consumers and businesses against unfair business practices. Actions such as participation in cartels, abuse of a dominant position in the market place, or the exchange of price or other commercial information between competitors, are prohibited. 

Contractor´s Obligations

The Finnish Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out strives to combat against gray economy. Its purpose is to promote equal competition between enterprises and respect for working conditions. Ablemans LCS Oy complies with the provisions of the said act. 

Innovations and Confidential information

Ablemans LCS Oy’s intellectual property is one of its most valuable assets and the patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other proprietary information of Ablemans LCS Oy must be protected. At the same time, Ablemans LCS Oy and each Ablemans LCS Oy’s employee must respect the intellectual property rights of others. Ablemans LCS Oy  protects and respects the confidential information and trade secrets of all of its business partners.

Supply chain

Ablemans LCS Oy shall ensure that all its subcontractors, suppliers and other business partners recognise, respect and adhere these same principles and standards of responsible business. Ablemans LCS Oy’s subcontractors, suppliers and other business partners also need to ensure that their own subcontractors, suppliers and other business partners are committed to following these same business principles.


Based on legal representation, the express authorization or procuration, I hereby confirm on behalf of The Company that The Company endorses and commits to all above-mentioned principles of responsible business.

-Hannu Petäjäsuvanto, CEO

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