Lifecycle services

LCS Lifecycle Services

We are committed to ensuring the operational efficiency of your vessels throughout their lifetime. From design and delivery, to regular maintenance, the latest retrofits and modernisation solutions, we provide a holistic lifecycle service

LCS Lifecycle Services

Our services include for example:

  • Ship Surveys – Documents, Reports and Drawings
  • Classification Approvals
  • Repair Engineering and Action Planning
  • Project Management and Supervision

”Our LCS project documentation keeps all LCS related documentation safe and accessible at all times when needed. This is an absolute strength of ours.”

Lauri Kujala, COO

Conversion and retrofit

  • Technical Conversion and Retrofit Projects
  • Turn-key Project planning and execution
  • Quality according to Classification, Ship Owner and Yard requirements

Major ship conversion and repair project examples: Double Bottom and Bottom Repairs, Ship Section Manufacturing and Installations, Water Tight Door Installations, Side Shell Extensions and Balcony Installations, Water and Fun Park Installations, Cabin Modifications.

Get to know our products

  • Fire screen doors
  • Watertight doors
  • Cabin and bridge windows
  • Pumps and pump units

… and a lot more.

Code of conduct

Through its values, Ablemans LCS Oy is committed to responsible business.